for public offer for sale of tickets to event to private persons and legal entities


This Terms and Conditions for public offer for sale of tickets to event to private persons and legal entities (the “Terms”) regulates the relations between the Parties in accordance with Italian Law regarding:

  • the use of the Website, and,
  • any other related agreements or legal relationship with the Owner in a legally binding way.

The subject of the present website is:

  • Present all information about the event organized;
  • the sale of tickets for the events to a User.

The User must read this document carefully and accept terms and conditions stated below.


This Website is provided by:
Andrii Podobied, operating as a Sole Proprietorship with its registered address at Via Degli Albani 9, 24124 Bergamo, registered in the Revenue Agency, with VAT number 12959670964 (‘Owner’), is the sole proprietorship responsible for operating the online platform Belonqevent.com ( the “Website”). This platform facilitates the organization and management of corporate events in person, digital, and hybrid formats, referred to as “Belonq”.


Owner contact details:


Agency staff – representative of third parties hired by the Owner, e.g. security, catering, transfer or reception staff.
Agreement – any legally binding or contractual relationship between the Owner and the User, governed by these Terms.
Event – a meetup or conference called “Blockchain Lifestyle Meetup” organized by the Owner or other body, the interests of which are represented by the Owner. Information about the Event can be found on the Website.
Order – the decision of the Customer to purchase Ticket to the Event, purchased via website.
Online shop – shop on a Website belonging to the Owner or its partners contracted to facilitate the sale process.
Owner – Indicates the natural person(s) or legal entity that provides this Website and/or the Service to Users.
Price – ticket price exclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT) of 22%.
Service – The service provided by the Owner as described in these Terms and on this Website.
Ticket – document giving the right to visit the Event organized by the Owner. One Ticket is valid for one person and allows to use services as according to the package of activities and benefits included.
Terms – All provisions applicable to the use of this Website and/or the Service as described in this document, including any other related documents or agreements, and as updated from time to time.
User – any person or legal entity using this Website and accepts this Terms, purchases a Ticket and pays its full Price.
Venue – (details of the exact address, scope of Service will be made available at a later date on the website).
Visitor – person(s) specified by the User in a registration form.
Website – online website that enables the provision of the Service for the Events with a URL of belonqevent.com.


Unless otherwise specified, the terms of use detailed in this section apply generally when using this Website.


Single or additional conditions of use or access may apply in specific scenarios and in such cases are additionally indicated within this Terms.
By using this Website, Users confirm to meet the following requirements:

1. Content on this Website

Unless where otherwise specified or clearly recognizable, all content available on this Website is owned or provided by the Owner or its licensors.
The Owner undertakes its utmost effort to ensure that the content provided on this Website infringes no applicable legal provisions or third-party rights. However, it may not always be possible to achieve such a result.
In such cases, without prejudice to any legal prerogatives of Users to enforce their rights, Users are kindly asked to preferably report related complaints using the contact details provided in this document.

2. Access to external resources

Through this Website Users may have access to external resources provided by third parties. Users acknowledge and accept that the Owner has no control over such resources and is therefore not responsible for their content and availability.
Conditions applicable to any resources provided by third parties, including those applicable to any possible grant of rights in content, result from each such third parties’ terms and conditions or, in the absence of those, applicable statutory law.

3. Acceptable use

The Website and the Service may only be used within the scope of what they are provided for, under these Terms and applicable Italian law.
Users are solely responsible for making sure that their use of this Website and/or the Service violates no applicable law, regulations or third-party rights.

4. Event and Offer Conditions

4.1. The timing of the Event is published on the Website.
4.2.  The Event detailed program published on the Website and Decks is preliminary. Separate items of the Event may be changed to similar ones or excluded by the Contractor on unilateral basis.
4.3.  The Service shall be rendered by the Owner to the Visitor collectively with other Visitors of the Event. The total number of Visitors to whom the Service is rendered shall be up to the discretion of the Owner.
4.4. The acceptance of this Terms is completed only when the Visitor takes the series of following steps:

  • filling out of a registration form on the Website; and
  • payment for the Ticket in full amount.

4.5.  Ticket Purchase by the Visitor is the unconditional acceptance of terms of the present terms and conditions.
4.6. The Website is a public offer, which may be accessed and used by any person, who accept it until the end of the Event.
4.7. The Price of the Ticket is published on the Website.
4.8. The Parties have agreed that the Venue of the Event will be specified at a later date and the specific address will be posted on the Website or any other official resources by the Owner.

5. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5.1. Owner shall:
5.1.1. organize the Event and conclude appropriate civil law service contracts if required to carry out the Event;
5.1.2. provide an Event Ticket specified in the Visitors registration form to the Visitor via email following the moment of accepting the present Terms;
5.1.3. inform the Visitors of any changes and amendments regarding the Event by posting information about the changes on the Website or any official recourses;
5.1.4. ensure that representatives of the Owner are present at the Event.
5.2. Owner shall have the right to:
5.2. 1. demand full acceptance of the Offer conditions from the Visitors;
5.2. 2. use services of third parties to accept and process payments for the Tickets;
5.2. 3. change the program of the Event on a unilateral basis, posting appropriate information about changes on the Website or any official recourses;
5.2. 4. turn the Website on and off, perform preventive maintenance on the server and other equipment used in the operation of the Website at a convenient time, informing Visitors of such actions on the Website;
5.2. 5. reserve the right of non-fulfilment of the Service in case of force majeure according to Italian Law;
5.2. 6. reserve the right to send newsletters containing informational materials to the Visitors contact data;
5.2. 7. take photographs and audio-visual recordings of the Event and its Visitors, in particular, at the Venue. The Contractor (its contractual partners and authorized persons) can use above-mentioned photographs and audio-visual recordings at its own discretion, including (but not limited to) to publishing them in printed media or on websites, without an approval from the Visitors, its representatives or the Visitors and without paying any compensation/charges to the Visitors, its representatives; and
5.2. 8. process Visitor’s personal data provided by the User, including gathering, systematization, collection, saving, updating, changing, depersonalization, blocking and destroying without receiving the corresponding written consent from the Visitors. The acceptance of the present terms and payment confirms the Users and the Visitor’s (whose Ticket(s) are paid by the User) consent with the Owner’s rights specified in this clause.
5.3. Visitor shall:
5.3.1. become familiar with the conditions of the present Terms and Ticket Price on the Website, prior to accepting to the present Terms;
5.3.2. inform the Visitor and User about his duty as a VAT taxpayer;
5.3.3. accept the conditions of the present Terms;
5.3.4. comply with age restrictions applied at the Event and published on the Website;
5.3.5. specify the correct information about its and/or the Visitor’s data when purchasing a Ticket. Should the User refuse to provide the necessary data, the Owner shall have the right to refuse a Ticket sale;
5.3.6. check Order data before sending. The Visitor shall bear full responsibility for correctness and validity of data used to order the Ticket;
5.3.7. pay the Price for the Ticket in full;
5.3.8. not send the Visitors applications from under age persons. Application from under age persons shall be refused;
5.3.9. provide its ID when receiving a badge (Ticket) granting access to the Event on demand the Owner or Agency Staff;
5.3.10. provide its ID when entering the Event area each time on demand the Organizer or Agency Staff; and
5.3.11. indemnify the Owner for any damages or sanctions resulting from the Users or Visitor’s (whose Ticket(s) are paid by the User) breach of laws, regulations or obligations under the present terms, including not having the required consent under any clauses of these Terms
5.4. Customer shall have the right to:
5.4.1. order a Ticket on the Website. By doing so, the User agrees, that in the Event of using the Owner’s service, the User accepts the conditions of the present Termss in full, regardless of how the purchase has been made;
5.4.2. unsubscribe from receiving promotional materials; and
5.4.3. select a payment method for the Ticket Price from those offered on the Website.
5.5. While making a payment (including partial payment), the User will be offered to give consent to receive informational and promotional materials about goods/services/products, offered by the Owner and/or contractual partners of the Owner, as well as information specifying materials provided earlier.
5.6. The Owner and the Visitor have agreed that the Owner (its contractual partners and authorized persons) shall have the right to use photographs and audio-visual recordings made during the Evnet, either with or without adding the Visitors name. The acceptance of the present Terms and payment under this Terms confirms the Users’s and the Visitor’s (whose Ticket(s) are paid by the User) consent with the Owners’s rights specified in this clause.
5.7. Visitors shall not disturb the normal course of the Event or create any difficulties/obstacles/discomfort for persons present at the Event by their actions regarding total or partial loss of their property, including those addressing the issues related to lost property.

6. Tickets Refund

6.1. Visitor may not cancel the Ticket. The Tcket price once paid is non-refundable.
6.2. The Ticket will only be changed or refunded in the case of cancellation by the Owner of the Event. In case of cancellation, the purchaser can apply for a refund of 70 per cent of the Ticket price in a period no longer than thirty days from the date of the public announcement of the cancellation, in the form specified by the Owner.
6.3. In that case, bad weather, natural disasters, partial or full European airspace closure or any other force majeure will not lead to ticket refunds.

7. Liability And Disputes Resolution

7.1. The Owner shall not be liable for non-compliance or improper compliance of services on its part or on the part of third parties, arising due to the unreliability, failure or delay of confirming information provided by the User and arising as a result of other violations of the Terms of the by the User or Visitor.
7.2. The Owner shall not be liable for the Visirot’s nonattendance of the Event for reasons outside of the Owner’s control.
7.3. The Owner shall not be liable for the nonconformity of the Event with the Visitor’s expectations and its subjective judgment.
7.4. Owner shall not be liable for any personal property of the Visitor, damaged or otherwise fully or partially lost at the Event. In such cases, Owner of the lost property shall have the right (at its own discretion) to file a statement with the law enforcement authorities.
7.5. The Owner and the VIsotor shall make all efforts to reach consent on any dispute by means of negotiations. In the event of failure to reach consent by means of negotiations, disputes must be submitted for settlement in a court at the location of the Owner. This Terms and the contractual relationship of the Parties is governed by the applicable laws of Italy.
7.6. The Owner does not guarantee ticket authenticity if tickets have not been purchased at the official selling points. Resale of tickets is forbidden. The Owner does not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of tickets. The holder of the ticket is the responsible in case of copy of the ticket.

8. Force Majeure

8.1. The User and the Owner shall not be responsible for the complete or partial failure to fulfil their obligations under the present Terms if such failure is caused by force majeure, i.e. extraordinary and unavoidable conditions under the given circumstances.
8.2. The circumstances of force majeure, in particular, include: natural disasters, acts of war, national crisis, strikes in the industry or region, the actions and decisions of public authorities, failures arising from telecommunications and energy networks, the effect of malware, as well as the unscrupulous actions of third parties expressed in actions aimed at unauthorized access and/or disabling the software and/or hardware system of each Party.

9. Privacy Policy

The Owner shall not be responsible and shall not reimburse losses caused by unauthorized use of identification details of the User by the third parties.

10. No Waiver

The Owner’s failure to assert any right or provision under these Terms shall not constitute a waiver of any such right or provision. No waiver shall be considered a further or continuing waiver of such term or any other term.

11. Service interruption

To ensure the best possible service level, the Owner reserves the right to interrupt the Service for maintenance, system updates or any other changes, informing the Users appropriately.
Within the limits of law, the Owner may also decide to suspend or discontinue the Service altogether. If the Service is discontinued, the Owner will cooperate with Users to enable them to withdraw Personal Data or information and will respect Users’ rights relating to continued product use and/or compensation, as provided for by applicable law.

12. Service reselling

Users may not reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of this Website and of its Service without the Owner’s express prior written permission, granted either directly or through a legitimate reselling programme.

13. Intellectual property rights

Without prejudice to any more specific provision of these Terms, any intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, patent rights and design rights related to this Website are the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors/partners/sponsors and are subject to the protection granted by applicable laws or international treaties relating to intellectual property.
All trademarks — nominal or figurative — and all other marks, trade names, service marks, word marks, illustrations, images, or logos appearing in connection with this Website are, and remain, the exclusive property of the Owner or its licensors and are subject to the protection granted by applicable laws or international treaties related to intellectual property.

14. Changes to these Terms

The Owner reserves the right to amend or otherwise modify these Terms at any time. In such cases, the Owner will appropriately inform the User of these changes.


Such changes will only affect the relationship with the User from the date communicated to Users onwards.
The continued use of the Service will signify the User’s acceptance of the revised Terms. If Users do not wish to be bound by the changes, they must stop using the Service and may terminate the relation.
The applicable previous version will govern the relationship prior to the User’s acceptance. The User can obtain any previous version from the Owner.

15. Assignment of obligations

The Owner reserves the right to transfer, assign, dispose of by novation, or subcontract any or all rights or obligations under these Terms, taking the User’s legitimate interests into account. Provisions regarding changes of these Terms will apply accordingly.
Users may not assign or transfer their rights or obligations under these Terms in any way, without the written permission of the Owner.

16. Contacts

All communications relating to the use of this Website must be sent using the contact information stated in this Terms.

17. Severability

Should any provision of these Terms be deemed or become invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect.



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